Effective Zero Trust IT Security Strategy With Microsegmentation

Barry Weber

Micro-segmentation is widely understood as a very effective preventative control but it is not widely implemented.   Zero-Trust has been discussed as an important control since it was defined by Forrester 10 years ago.   It is mandated as a Level 2 HiTrust Implementation requirement.   Combining Zero-Trust and Micro-Segmentation is equivalent to always verify trust, limit access to the minimal set of required assets, and restrict privilege to the minimal set for those assets that are accessible.   It sounds like incredible protection that could halt lateral movement of threats but incredibly difficult to implement and with the ability to slow almost any organization to a crawl, right?   What if it could be implemented while simplifying an organization’s network, integrated easily into the daily operations of less sophisticated SMBs, supported fluid evolution to a hybrid network or could protect applications that only run in AWS, Azure or other clouds?

The presentation will provide insight into micro-segmentation and zero-trust through a view of the Unisys Stealth solution architecture, its operation and how one will need to think about integration of technical controls in a security architecture in the future.

Barry Weber, the presenter, has been leading IT organizations for more than 18 years crossing industries including retail, financial services, hi-tech, healthcare, and distribution.   He has been immersed in information security consulting including security architecture, governance and compliance and controls related to GDPR for the past year.  He has been a soccer referee for more than 10 years because he loves the art of management and the complexity of the system of a soccer game.    He brings a multi-faceted view to topics such as the topic of this presentation.

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6:00 pm   Program Start – Welcome and overview
6:15 pm   Presentation
7:15 pm   Closing Remarks
7:30 pm   Program End – Open networking after the meeting