Jim Dodgen

Jim Dodgen

Career Coach & Futurist ~ Personal Branding & LinkedIn Expert ((LION Trainer)) Strengths Finder 2.0 & MBTI Specialist

Orange County, California Area
Professional Training & Coaching
  1. DodgenCo: It's Your Career - Own it!
  1. Dodgen & Associates,
  2. ECS,
  3. Spherion
  1. Ottawa University
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• Influencer • Facilitator • Career Coach ~ CEO/Senior Execs, Professionals and Students

Teaching people to tell their stories well...because:
♦ My JOB, my PASSION, my MISSION ~ is helping YOU find YOURS ♦

♦ CAREER COACH and FUTURIST ♦ some people say I'm the "Obi-Wan Kenobi" of the career development world. With a strong intuition, I'm known for my quick insights and ideas. I'm an advocate for FREE AGENCY and SOCIAL ENTERPRISE and uniquely equipped to help C-level and senior executives, professionals and students understand and articulate their Personal Brand - to discover a Path that engages Passion ~ even if it means re-inventing themselves.

♦♦ Personality Preferences: INFP ♦
Energized by the internal world of ideas and concepts, I have a preference for processing information intuitively, making decisions based on my values while being flexible and open-ended.

♦♦♦ Core Strengths (SF 2.0): STRATEGIC, IDEATION, ADAPTABILITY, Connectedness, Relator ♦
I am strategic and talented at seeing alternative paths while spotting relevant patterns and issues. Full of ideas and fascinated by new ones - I can see connections between seemingly disparate phenomena. I'm very much a "go with the flow" person who believes all things are connected and play into the grander scheme. I enjoy influencing others with a willingness and ease to be open and honest.

~ LEADERSHIP THEME: Strategic Relationship Builder

♦ CAREER COACH ♦ Local and global (virtual)

♦ FUTURIST ♦ "sees" the trends, connects the dots.

♦ PERSONAL BRANDING ♦ helping you articulate your marketplace value.

♦ LINKEDIN EXPERT ♦ leveraging Personal Brand & Career Strategies on LinkedIn.


Jim also leads EXECUTIVE (Solitude) RETREATS facilitated at exclusive venues encompassing uninterrupted, unhurried (unplugged) time to help you reconnect to your PASSION, PATH and PURPOSE.

♦ Early in my career, I was an African Lion Trainer! (below):


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  • Career Coach & Futurist | Personal Branding & LinkedIn® Expert

    DodgenCo: It's Your Career - Own it!
    – Present (3 years)

    ♦♦♦ DodgenCo - Preparing People for the Future of Work. When you need help with Your Career - contact DodgenCo for coaching (in person & virtual), training and facilitated corporate Learning Labs: www.dodgen.co ~ Jim is a top-rated Career Coach & Futurist.

    Jim helps people get to the heart of their passion and path. A good listener, he asks great questions that help people articulate their Personal Brand: Core Strengths, Professional Personality, Branding Message, Mission Statement and Value Propositions.

    • Career Coach & LINKEDIN EXPERT •
    A "1st million member" Jim coaches individuals and groups on LinkedIn® strategies to expand their network, career options and job opportunities.

    • Career Coach & FUTURIST •
    As a Futurist, Jim helps individuals discover how their unique blend of strengths and skill fits into the every changing world of work. He "sees" the trends and connects the dots.

    Jim leads executives, professionals and individuals through facilitated solitude retreats held at various exclusive venues to encompass the benefits of uninterrupted and unhurried time.

    Jim facilitates Strengths-based assessments and conversations to help leadership teams get clarity around contribution and giftedness - moving teams from mediocrity to excellence.

    ~ ~ ~

    Jim is an advocate and coach for Free Agents and Social Entrepreneurs, helping clients be strategic and bold with their ideas and initiatives. He facilitates the conversation around contribution, purpose and sustainability.

    • SPEAKER / Guest Lecturer / Author •
    Jim speaks and writes about careers, passion, mission, the future of work and LinkedIn strategies.

    Jim and wife Roe, lead developmental retreats for those in mission driven organizations – coaching and mentoring leaders and key stake holders toward authentic service goals.

  • Career Coach & Futurist | LinkedIn® & Personal Branding Expert

    Dodgen & Associates
    (23 years)

    Key Note and Session SPEAKER / Guest Lecturer / Trainer:
    ~ LINKEDIN® Strategies ~ Personal Branding on LinkedIn
    ~ Career Transition Model ~ FREE AGENCY
    ~ The Changing World of Work and ~ The Future

    Jim speaks and is a Trainer on these and other career coaching related topics including:
    • Career Coaching Models and Strategies
    • LinkedIn 101, Linkedin 201 and Linkedin 301
    • LinkedIn Strategies for Job Search
    • Using Linkedin SEO to Brand Yourself and expand your Career
    • The Future of Work
    • The Career Transitional Model
    • Developing a Personal Brand (and on LinkedIn)
    • Articulating Your Value Proposition (and on LinkedIn)
    • Leveraging Informational Interviewing
    • The Online Job Search
    • Interviewing and Negotiating
    • Developing a Portfolio Career
    • Stress Management
    • The Art of Listening

  • Career Coach & Futurist | LinkedIn® & Personal Branding Expert

    (8 years)

    As a Senior Career Coach, Jim facilitated and delivered Career Transition, Coaching, and Consultant services offered by ECS in the Southern California region. While at ECS (an affiliate of Career Partners International) he served as the primary Career Coach in the Orange County office for mid-level and senior executives in various stages of career development and transition. As well, he was a highly regarded Career Coach to "C-Suite" executives. He was also a Group and Session Speaker on topics including:
    • LinkedIn 101, LinkedIn 201 and LinkedIn 301
    • Career Coaching Strategies on LinkedIn
    • Using LinkedIn and LinkedIn SEO for Personal Branding and Career Advancement
    • The Future of Work
    • The Career Transition / Coaching Model
    • Developing a Personal Brand for Career Strategies
    • Articulating Your Value Propositions (on LinkedIn)
    • Leveraging Informational Interviewing
    • Interviewing and Negotiating
    • Developing a Portfolio Career
    • Stress Management
    • The Art of Listening

    Participant comments from some of Jim's presentations...

    ...Jim, your demonstration on LinkedIn was the absolute best presentation I've ever attended at a networking meeting. The information was extremely useful.

    ...Jim, your presentation (on LinkedIn) was just flat out awesome. I love SEO and the little tricks involved.

  • Managing Consultant | Career Transition Coach / Workshops | LinkedIn®

    (7 years)

    In this role, Jim served as the Senior Career Coach and managed the service delivery in Orange County and Southern California for Spherion, a global Fortune 1000 firm. He was responsible for career coaching executives as well as working with all levels and types of professionals in various stages of professional development and career transition. He was the leading and Senior Career Consultant in the Irvine office, managing the team of consultants and the various career consulting programs. While in this role, Jim became a "first million member" of LinkedIn - an early adopter of LinkedIn. He also led weekly Candidate Round-table Meeting on various topics including:
    • LinkedIn 101, LinkedIn 201 and LinkedIn 301
    • Career Coaching Strategies on LinkedIn
    • Using Linkedin and Linkedin SEO for Personal Branding and Career Advancement
    • The Future of Work
    • The Career Transition / Coaching Model
    • Developing a Personal Brand
    • Articulating Your Value Propositions (on Linkedin)
    • Leveraging Informational Interviewing
    • The Online Job Search
    • Interviewing and Negotiating
    • Developing a Portfolio Career

  • Senior Career Consultant | Career Transition Coach & Workshop Trainer

    Lee Hecht Harrison
    (7 years)

    In this role, Jim delivered individual career coaching and was a Senior Career Consultant in this Orange County office. He facilitated one and two day Career Transition workshops (literally thousands) for client companies. He also was an engaging workshop speaker, facilitating weekly internal Candidate Roundtable meetings around typical Career Coaching topics.

  • Sales Manager - Mobile Specialties

    Dodgen Industries, Inc
    (2 years)
  • Career Center Director / Coach | Conference Speaker | Trainer | Student Retention

    Ottawa University
    (2 years)

    (Voted staff member of the year by the student body, 1987)
    • Created and coordinated an annual All-Campus Career Seminar for students and faculty with 45 area professionals participating as panelists in their representative academic area - 74% of the student body attended this non-required event the first year.
    • Originated and sponsored a student chapter of the Association for Collegiate Entrepreneurs (ACE). Took a group of students to the national conference in Washington, DC.
    • Coordinated the most successful Businessweek Career Search Workshop in the USA for Fall Semester 1987, conducting six workshops in one day with 75% of the university student body attending and over 100 students from area high schools.
    • Authored and successfully obtained funding for a five year, $2.5 million Title III grant to integrate computer information systems and computer assisted curriculums university-wide including a computer-based student advising network.
    • Designed and successfully implemented a two year plan to integrate a career planning module into the freshman general education program requiring every new freshman to participate in a three session small-group self-assessment seminar.
    • Designed and implemented a campus-wide retention program. The initial step was a faculty/staff retention awareness workshop followed by meetings with the General Education (GED) professors to redesign the freshman GED program to better facilitate student success.
    • Led Career Development seminars for students and was an engaging speaker at regional Career Development Professional meetings.

  • Director of Alumni Relations, PR / Career Center Director | Public Speaker

    Ottawa University
    (5 years)

    (Voted staff member of the year by the student body, 1985)
    • Developed a comprehensive career planning and placement program and established a university Career Coaching Center where neither previously existed.
    • Developed and established the nation's largest consortium of "Sigi Plus" users (by 1988 the consortium included 14 colleges and universities in Kansas and Missouri) in which members share resources and information regarding computer-assisted career guidance programs.
    • Created and organized an annual Career Fair in 1985 with 24 organizations attending to 61 attending in 1987 and increasing student body attendance from 23% in 1985 to 65% in 1987.
    • Organized and conducted career workshops for the Black Student Union and International student populations and coordinated cross-cultural internships.

  • Lion Trainer

    BornFree Motorcoaches
    (1 year)

    As a Lion Trainer ~ Very early in my career my sister and I traveled nationwide with the company mascot, a female African lion to promote a line of motorhome products - Born Free Motorcoaches. I was the Lion Trainer, my sister was the Spokesperson. It was an amazing adventure - and we have stories, lot's of great stories.


  • LinkedIn Speaker and Hands-On LinkedIn Training Sessions


    Jim is a Linkedin Expert and is known for delivering highly interactive sessions that help participants with Linkedin Basics, Linkedin Personal Branding Strategies and Advanced Linkedin Strategies including Linkedin Profile SEO techniques. Contact Jim for information regarding 1, 2 or 3-hour sessions for staff development or to help establish your employees and the company brand on Linkedin.

    Team members:



A preview of what LinkedIn members have to say about Jim:

  • I sought out Jim after hearing a glowing recommendation from one of his satisfied clients. From our first meeting, I understood what makes Jim such an in-demand thought leader in the Career Coaching arena. Jim is insightful and intuitive. His knack for creative ideas, connecting seemingly disparate dots, and his customized new age approach to career rejuvenation made me not only a new client, but a fan, and a friend. These reasons, along with his genuine and caring interpersonal skills have won him my highest recommendation.
  • Jim has been invaluable to my career development. I tend to be a "Lion" and act on my Lion instincts. Jim can train the Lions, A+ Players, unlike anyone I have ever known. If you are looking for career advice go no further than Jim Dodgen!

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