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Information technology leader with 15 years of experience driving large-scale strategic initiatives to fulfill the business goals of industry leaders.

CIO Leadership Series – Better Leadership Using Customized Problem Solving

What’s your problem solving style? How do you prioritize problems? Those are two questions that I’ve been asked numerous times in my career. Possibly because I’ve spent half of my career as a consultant and it’s expected of a consultant to be a fast acting expert problem solver or just because problem solving is [...]

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CIO Technical Series – Why IT Disaster Recovery Planning Fails the Most

Having worked for numerous companies in a consulting or full-time employee capacity, I have led and seen numerous business continuity and disaster recovery planning in various stages of maturity. However, one key element stands out and I have stepped in to rescue failed Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) consulting initiates due to one key missing [...]

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CIO Leadership Series: First 90 Days in New IT Leadership Roles

Having a proven and methodical plan for your first 90 days in a new IT leadership role is critical for establishing trust, credibility, and alignment between IT and the business. What are some mistakes that are often made in the first 90 days? Getting too busy fighting fires, not understanding the business well enough and [...]

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CEO Best Practices for Information Technology

I've been fortunate in my career to have direct exposure to successful CEOs through CIO consulting advisory, speaking to CEO peer groups such as Vistage and Renaissance Forums, participating in prestigious CEO summits, serving as a member of executive steering committees, as a certified corporate director and as a former member of the National Association of Corporate [...]

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How CEOs can build a stronger and more productive relationship with their CIO

Mutual success and the quality of executive relationships have a great impact on the performance of a business and the profitability of the organization. The ability to get work done and achieve results through others is one of the most critical aspects of executive leadership skills. In order to deliver customer satisfaction, increase profitability, [...]

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Why CEOs need a Business Continuity Plan and IT Disaster Recovery Plan

The recent major fire at ProPortion's Food Processing Plant in downtown Los Angeles is a great reason why you need a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and IT Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP). Numerous companies have no BCP or DRP. There are numerous reasons for this that include: The process is too expensive or time consuming BCP and DRP [...]

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