Who is TENG Southern California

Technology Executives Networking Group Southern California (TENG SoCal) is the Southern California Chapter of a national community of 8000+ selected Chief Information Officers (CIO), Chief Technology Officers (CTO), Vice Presidents (VP) and Directors of Technology.

Our Philosophy

The Technology Executives Networking Group strives to help senior-level IT executives help each other by making it easier for us to meet one another and develop lasting, professional relationships, and eventually, friendships.

We are naturally inclined to help our friends by sharing our experiences, expertise, contacts and support, whether they need help building a business case for a project, selecting a vendor, learning a new technology, or landing a great job. Even at our darkest moments, there is something about reaching out to help a friend that makes both us and them feel better, and ultimately causes them to reach out to help us in return.

This willingness to help one another forms the basis of our networking philosophy. By helping one another in these ways, we build a bond of friendship and trust that will allow us to rely on each other in even the most difficult situations.