Membership FAQ


Senior level IT positions can be very volatile. While your position may seem secure today, a sudden business reversal, change of management above you or presently unknown merger could alter your career prospects rapidly and dramatically. TENG addresses the immediate needs of those who are unemployed, provides a trusted resource for those who may suddenly find themselves entering the job market, and serves as a life-long career development resource.

Who can become a member?

TENG members are senior IT executives who may or may not be actively engaged in or contemplating a job search. TENG includes current and former Vice Presidents, Senior Vice Presidents, Chief Information Officers, Chief Technology Officers, Directors and Information Technology General Management. They come from wide variety of corporate environments, professional organizations, vendors, professional services companies, non-profit sector, organizations poised for IPO’s and e-Commerce firms. Member’s target income is $150,000, or greater, total compensation (NY metro area scale).

What levels of membership are available?

Many executives have indicated their interest in joining but are concerned about appearing to be searching for a new career opportunity. With this in mind, TENG offers 2 levels of membership:

Active Membership

For those who are unemployed, or who are in active search mode. They have informed their present employer of their search, their position is being eliminated, or they have made their search “public” by some other means. Active members will receive all Emails with job postings, announcements, etc, and will exchange job leads on a regular, ongoing basis. As the organization grows and local chapters are formed, they will be eligible to attend chapter meetings where they can exchange resumes, network and hear presentations from invited speakers. Once they have found a new career opportunity, their membership will move to Alumni status (outlined below), allowing them to maintain contact with their network and to be aware of future career trends, but on a less visible basis.

Alumni Membership

For those who are presently employed and NOT actively searching for a new career opportunity. They will typically not attend chapter meetings but will still receive all emails with job postings, announcements, etc. Should any Alumni Member become unemployed or begin an active job search, their membership will move to the Active level, which will avail to them the chapter meetings. Any Alumni member may attend chapter meetings, if they wish to listen to the invited guest speaker. They may also wish to pass along job leads that they feel they can share without compromising their present career position.

What are the benefits of membership?

A few examples of the benefits that TENG provides include:

– A senior level leadership peer group lead by experienced IT leaders

– Access to trusted resources to help you achieve success in all aspects of your career

– New career opportunities through our extensive and powerful network

– Potentially help you secure information about and get introductions to target organizations

– Help you discover and remove roadblocks to career success and position sustainability

– Access to new career opportunities

– Information about and introductions to target organizations

– Vendor information, contacts, and unbiased references

– Workshops, presentations, and networking events sponsored by local chapters

– Special interest groups which facilitate member interaction on topics of common interest

– A network of peers who are willing to share experiences, advice, and support

– No membership dues

Active members, who are currently searching for a new opportunity, find the senior-level job leads, introductions to hiring managers and executive recruiters, background information and personal contacts at target companies, job search advice, and support invaluable. Alumni members, who are not actively searching for a new career opportunity, can tap the TENG membership for valuable insights into the business decisions that they need to make every day, unbiased information about vendors, products, and processes, and introductions to key decision makers in target organizations. They can also confidentially maintain an awareness of senior-level opportunities and count on a trusted resource in the future.

What are members expected to contribute?

This is a true networking group. There is no cost to join or participate in TENG, just a desire to provide support and assistance to your fellow members, as they will help you. The expectation is that, to the best of your ability, you will actively participate by helping other members in their professional endeavors. This help can come in a variety of forms:

– Sharing job leads

– Providing personal introductions (an active call; not, “just use my name”)

– Offering advice, feedback, and topical expertise

As an active member, you will be expected to share at least 3 job leads per month, via email, including leads for which you may be a candidate. Telling others about hot leads in your own field (where you might be a candidate) may seem odd at first; but consider this: with positions scarce and employers being more selective than ever, job offers are going to people who fit the job specification exactly. Even with the most confidential searches, word gets out by a variety of means. That other people will be considered is almost a certainty. They may as well be associates and friends of yours. By building a bond of friendship and trust through TENG, sharing of job search information will be possible. Those people whom you have helped will remember you. Your personal qualities including self-confidence and selflessness will be showcased to the company whose job lead you are sharing. If you wait until your candidacy for a position ends, the position will more than likely have been filled and referring it to others will injure the bond of trust we are building. We have no way to monitor your behavior on this issue. You have to decide for yourself whether or not you can participate in our group on this basis.

How do I become a member?

To join TENG, you need to fit our member profile and submit your application for membership