About TENG

The Technology Executives Networking Group, LLC was formed in 2001.

The TENG membership includes selected senior-level Information Technology executives who hold the rank of Chief Information Officer, Chief Technology Officer, vice president or director of technology in organizations of all sizes and industries.


The TENG is dedicated to empowering technology executives to enhance their careers through networking.


Our mission is to build and develop a rich community of senior-level IT executives who are committed to helping each other by sharing professional and career information. As our membership grows and we start to gain critical mass in more geographic areas, we will establish additional local chapters, through which members can make more personal connections and realize greater value through networking.


The benefits that TENG members realize from belonging to the network can be virtually limitless. However, these benefits are usually directly proportional to a member’s willingness to help other members. A few examples of these benefits include:

  • Access to new career opportunities
  • Information about and introductions to target organizations
  • Vendor information, contacts, and unbiased references
  • Workshops, presentations, and networking events sponsored by local chapters
  • Special interest groups which facilitate member interaction on topics of common interest.
  • A network of peers who are willing to share experiences, advice, and support
  • No membership dues or fees

Southern California Coverage Area

The Southern California Region includes: Los Angeles, Orange County, Inland Empire, San Gabriel valley and San Diego.